2020 Open Session on the European Universities Alliances

On 10 June the Coimbra Group held an open session on the European Universities Alliances. The event, originally planned as a physical gathering within the programme of the Coimbra Group annual conference in Montpellier, took place in the form of a webinar due to the mobility and sanitary restrictions under the Covid-19 emergency.

On a positive note, the online delivery allowed a greater number of people to take part in the debate, with almost 600 registered participants. Among the audience were representatives from higher education institutions and European Universities’ alliances as well as key European higher education and research stakeholders, from international associations to EU institutions and national and local governments including European and national agencies.

The webinar brought together the experiences and learning of Coimbra Group member universities involved in developing European Universities’ alliances, whether already selected or under evaluation by the European Commission. The discussions focused on the sustainability of the European Universities Initiative at European level after 2023, on the European Degree and on the Covid-19 impact on the alliances’ activities.

The videos from the webinar:

The full text of the news about the webinar: https://www.coimbra-group.eu/events/2020-open-session-on-the-european-universities-alliances/