Promoting cooperation between young people and young business within “Klaipeda – European Youth in the capital 2021”

At the event – “Exhibition of Young Companies – Youth for Business” were nominated and awarded 16 young entrepreneurs and the young companies. The event was organized by the Lithuanian Business College implementing youth the capital’s “Leadership” platform along with Junior Achievement. “Young Companies Expo – Youth for Business” at an event aimed at inspiring young people entrepreneurship and initiatives, 16 teams presented themselves – 70 children of participants and 13 who prepared them teachers. The event was opened by Klaipėda City Mayor Vytautas Grubliauskas, project “Klaipeda – European Youth Capital 2021” Greta Meškauskienė, “Lithuanian Junior Achievement” director Andželika Rusteikienė. The teams of students presented their created companies in a stand session, and later in commissionshelp after improving the original ideas of their businesses, they were presented at the end of the event.

“Young companies from Kaunas, Alytus, Klaipeda, Vilnius, Ukmergė and Kretinga. Assessing the ideas presented, it was observed that most companies developed products focused on ecology or IT technologies “, said Junior Achievement coordinator in Klaipeda Edmundas Kvederis.

The term “young company” described as a group of students – a team that creates business ideas, assembles a team, provides all the necessary resources and according to the “Junior Achievement” program establishes a young company. Junior Achievement is the only one an organization that issues permits to start a young company. “This event is one of the events of the Leadership Platform and the first live event after quarantine period for the organization of young companies expo. We are happy to contribute to the growth of young talents”, says the leader of the ”Leadership” platform, Samanta Štraupaitė, Head of International Relations and Projects, LBUAS.

List of awarded participants and founders of prizes and nominations:

  1. “Kaunas Veršvų” gymnasium “Melting emotions” – Junior achievement for entrepreneurship
  2. Klaipėda Simon Dach Progymnasium “Eat Reapeat” – Old Town Rotary Club – sympathy prize
  3. Klaipėda Vydūnas Gymnasium “Ecutis” – Ministry of Environment – ecological solution
  4. Kaunas “Saulės” gymnasium “Cry page” – SEB Bank and Klaipeda City Education Chapter -the most promising starter
  5. Klaipeda Technology Training Center JEDIG – LiMA – for the largest marketing perspective
  6. Vilnius’ Gabija Gymnasium “Tea?” – UAB “Mars Lietuva” – sustainable business
  7. Klaipėda Simon Dach Progymnasium “Step to Eco” – Rotary Youth – initiative
  8. Klaipėda MSC Delmonas2 – My home – for fostering traditions
  9. Kretinga Jurgis Pabrėžis Gymnasium “RUNK” – LiMA – for the most promising marketing and Solarbank – the best delivery
  10. Ukmergė J. Basanavičius Gymnasium “Fast talkers” – My home is a solution in the household
  11. Alytus Jotvingiai Gymnasium “Armelano” – My home – the best sales
  12. Klaipėda Baltic Bouton Gymnasium – My Home – for the original name
  13. Kaunas Calves Cotton Bees Gymnasium – Coca Cola – Youth empowered
  14. Alytus Jotvingiai Gymnasium “Karkyra” – “Klaipeda – European Youth Capital 2021” – Leadership the platform is coordinated by the Lithuanian Business College – for the idea
  15. Klaipeda Children’s Leisure Center “Light is light” – Data project management – young people entrepreneurs
  16. Klaipėda Baltic Gymnasium “Stel” – Klaipeda City Education Department and Western shipyard – the best engineering solution

The full gallery of the event you can find here.