Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences

Lithuania Business University of applied sciences (LTVK) is a modern, open to society and independent higher education institution founded in 1994 that prepares professionals in social and physical sciences who are focused on Lithuanian and European labour market. LTVK entails promising career opportunities, international exchange and leisure time typical for students.

Lithuania Business University is determined to prepare creative, qualified professionals, to establish conditions for a lifelong learning by granting a professional bachelor’s degree and to carry out the applied research that is necessary for a regional development. Vision. Lithuania Business University is an innovative, transparent, socially active and liable higher education institution, internationally recognized, versatile to the developments in the labor market and prepared to meet the needs of society.


About LTVK

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Responsible person for CATIA: Samanta Straupaite (Head of International Relations and Projects Department)
Role in CATIA: Partner of the alliance
Contact email: projektai[at]