University of Dubrovnik

The University of Dubrovnik is the “youngest university in Croatia. It was established in 2003. on the foundations of a very long tradition which goes back to the 17th century, but also on decades of modern higher education.
By its programs, its organisation and its technical equipment, the University of Dubrovnik can be stands among very modern educational institutions.

The University of Dubrovnik promotes international activities and encourages their implementation into all daily activities of  the University. The strategic development of the University is based on its international orientation and its emphasis on the importance of being part of EHEA (European Higher Education Area) and ERA (European Research Area).


About UniDu

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Responsible person for CATIA: Assoc. Prof. Katija Vojvodic, PhD (Head of Department of Economics and Business)
Role in CATIA: Partner of the alliance
Contact email: katija.vojvodic[at]