University of Economics – Varna

The University of Economics – Varna, founded in 1920, is one of the oldest higher education institutions in the field of economics on the Balkan Peninsula. During its 100-year-long history, UE-Varna has trained more than 155 000 professional economists currently working in Bulgaria and abroad. Today, there are more than 10 000 domestic and foreign degree-seeking students at UE-Varna. UE-Varna participates in various European programmes and projects providing numerous opportunities to its students, faculty members and administrative staff.

UE-Varna has established an innovative and dynamic high-tech environment for young people headed for careers in business, economics, management, and computer science worldwide. The University resources and facilities provide its academic community a pleasant and inspiring learning experience which fosters the students’ numerous talents as well.



About UE – Varna

Students: 13 000 | Business partners: 70+ | Programs: 28 bachelor and 27 master
Responsible person for CATIA: Chief Assist. Prof. Krasimira Yancheva, PhD (Economics and Organization of Tourism Department)
Role in CATIA: Coordinator of the alliance
Contact email: krasimira_yancheva[at]