How do you imagine the University of the future?

12 important guidelines for the successful transformation of
European universities shared by our students

The answers of students from the 4th year in
the Bachelor programme “International Economic Relations”,
University of Economics – Varna

  • Dreaming of the University of the future being always around us in our daily lives;
  • Fostering interdisciplinary approach in study and research;
  • Giving equal opportunities for personal and professional development;
  • Using more smart solutions during the process of digital transformation in education and research;
  • Encouraging an individual approach in long-life learning;
  • Offering learning and training in at least three foreign languages;
  • Having permanent internships in business practice;
  • Attracting more EU and foreign students for a full cycle of study (BA, MA, PhD degree);
  • Including parallel training and entertainment with more sport activities, cultural events and green initiatives;
  • Looking for new fields for studying and research, incl. pedagogy, IT solutions, creative industries, politics and diplomacy, circular economy;
  • Having more didactic games and research competitions;
  • Unfolding continuously the concept of study, work and travel.