The long-term strategic goal of CATIA is to create an integrated university education-research-entrepreneurship environment that involves developing professional profiles that can be immediately placed at European level within the CAT context.

The European students of the future must be able to access this educational path, at any level, from any university location of the alliance, complete it without any restriction of mobility, acquire both regional and European level skills, achieve a qualification recognized at European level, professionally usable throughout the Union, thus becoming professionals able to contribute to the growth of the entire European Union.

CATIA is therefore configured as an agreement between stakeholders (universities, students, teachers, researchers, entrepreneurs, public bodies, citizens) to stimulate Europe’s integrated and sustainable growth in the CAT area over the next 20 years.

Enhancing university means re-designing it, giving it on one hand, dynamism and resilience, aspects and characteristics that best respond to the current social and productive context, as well as to its continuous evolution. A context where virtual, realistic and digital aspects alternate, and where national and European culture complement and exalt each other toward “United in Diversity”.

The mission of the proposed alliance is to design frontier educational-research programmes for nurturing European talents and fostering a Disruptive and Sustainable Culture, Arts and Tourism (CAT) Exploitation in order to improve employability and sustainability of all cooperation activity.